Nordic Combinatorial Conference (NORCOM)

Background and History

The Nordic Combinatorial Conference (NORCOM) is a triennial scientific meeting covering the fields of combinatorics and discrete mathematics, interpreted broadly, with the arrangement rotated among the five Nordic countries. The conference is a venue for Nordic as well as foreign combinatorialists to get together and interact in a relaxed atmosphere. Plenary talks are given by distinguished international scholars, and short presentations are given by participants.

The inaugural NORCOM meeting took place in Norway in 1981, at the Utstein Abbey near Stavanger, and was followed by a second meeting in Sweden in 1984, at Hässelby Slott in Stockholm. For the programs, abstracts, and lists of participants of these two meetings, see here for the first one and here for the second one.

A list of all previous NORCOM conferences can be found here.

Future Conferences

The NORCOM conference series celebrated 2010 with its 10th meeting and with the first meeting to take place in Iceland. The 11th meeting took place in Sweden in 2013, the 12th meeting in Finland in 2016, the 13th meeting in Denmark in 2019, and the 14th meeting in Norway in 2022. Continuing in a cyclic manner, the next and 15th meeting will be back in the land of volcanoes, Iceland, in 2025.

The steering committee of NORCOM schedules future organizers and venues:

Future Conferences
Steering Committee Members

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